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Warning and Acknowledgement

  1. Participation in the SPLASH Waterpark including (but not limited to) use of trampolines, jumping and climbing equipment, and obstacles (‘the Recreational Activities’) supplied by SPLASH Waterpark Nelson Bay (‘the Service Provider’) involves significant risks, including the risk of personal injury and death. Particular risks include: a. Twists, sprains, broken bones and or physical injury; b. Spinal Injury; c. Paralysis d. Death;
  2. Before the above mentioned participant participates in the Recreational Activities, you should ensure that you are aware of, and properly understand, all of the risks involved in the Recreational Activities, and that those risks will include any particular or pre-existing risks associated with any health condition from which you suffer.
  3. By signing this document, you acknowledge, agree and understand that the above mention participant participating in the Recreational Activities provided by the Service Provider may involve:
    • Risks generally and Particular risks described above.
  4. By signing this document, you acknowledge, agree and understand that the above mention participant engaged or participating in the Recreational Activities voluntarily and at their own risk.

Its very nature, SPLASH Waterpark is potentially hazardous. There are many slip hazards and other challenges associated with the obstacle course. A high level of physical fitness is required for SPLASH Waterpark. Do NOT take part if you have any medical conditions that prevent you from physically demanding activities in the water or if you have not been physically active for some time.

  • I have read the following rules and by signing this agreement on behalf of a group I will relay the information to all participants
  • I and the participants listed agree that we will listen to the safety rules and adhere to those, as well as any signage stipulating conditions of entry and specific rules for use
  • I am not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and nor are the named participants below, therefore I am signing to agree that everyone named on this sheet will make smart decisions
  • I understand participants using SPLASH Waterpark will need to remove jewellery, watch’s, sunglasses, goggles and any earrings that hang below the earlobe
  • I understand that everyone listed will not dive head first into the water or participate in any back flips/front flips
  • I agree that all participants will check the water below them before jumping
  • Any open cuts, scratches or sore will be covered with waterproof bandages
  • I understand that we cannot swim under any of the inflatables
  • I understand that all participants must be 6 years of age, 110 cm tall and be able to swim
  • I agree that anyone under the age of 10 is accompanied by someone 16 years or older
  • I agree that all participants will listen to SPLASH Waterpark staff and if we do NOT then I understand we will be asked to leave without a refund
  • I understand SPLASH Waterpark has high physical demands
  • I am aware that there are trampolines that have metal bars and springs and this is a possible hazard
  • I understand that SPLASH Waterpark is located in a natural marine environment and I understand there may be jellyfish, small fish and other marine creatures
  • I agree that the participants listed will leave there lifejackets on and fastened during their time on SPLASH Waterpark
  • I agree that the participants listed are NOT pregnant, injured or rehabilitating people
  • I understand that the SPLASH Waterpark staff reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone they believe to be a risk or not competent
  • I agree that we have been warned about the inherent risk of entrapment and agree to take responsibility for the welfare of all the children in my care
  • I understand that I will only receive a refund if SPLASH Waterpark closes due to the weather or an emergency