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SPLASH Waterpark Nelson Bay is currently closed and will reopen for Spring.

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SPLASH Waterpark

Test your agility and endurance in the best way imaginable— on water!

Climb up, traverse through, jump down, repeat. With the sun above, waters below, and high spirits within, an hour at SPLASH Waterpark never feels like it.

The SPLASH Waterpark experience awaits— and it’s best enjoyed with family and friends.

Come on over and make a splash!


Live it up when we anchor down!

SPLASH Waterpark is only available for weeks at a time, and it’s always a splashing good time every time! Don’t miss out when we’re set up kindly check our socials for waterpark schedules.

Safety First

SPLASH Waterpark uses the best equipment available that is produced to the European safety standards (EN15649) to ensure participants have a safe and fun experience.

SPLASH Waterpark is only to be accessed when it is open and operating with lifeguards present. Do not access SWP if it is closed or unpatrolled by lifeguards.

All participants must wear the lifejackets provided and must not remove them at any point whilst swimming to SWP, while on SWP, or when leaving SWP. All lifejackets are to be removed at the tents on the beach.

Please ensure that you are aware of all the entry requirements and have completed the waiver forms which further outline the requirements for participants. For your safety, kindly listen carefully to the Safety Talk before accessing SWP and always follow the instructions of our lifeguards and SWP Crew.

If you are ever unsure, uncomfortable, or overwhelmed by the experience of being on SWP, signal our crew to provide assistance to you.